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Avian Pest Deterrent And Control 



Reliable & Honest

Here at The Falcons Quiver our mission is to provide unparalleled service that exceed all expectations of professionalism, integrity, and effectiveness, from the smallest and easiest job to the most strenuous.

We treat all animals with respect including the animals labelled as pests, most of our services are deterrent based meaning they are not lethal. Unfortunately sometimes a reduction in a population size on specific sites is needed as a last resort to manage a pest issue.  If culling is necessary we aim to do it  humanely and in a way that does not harm the environment due to this we do not use poisons or lead shot.

We pride ourselves on our falconry pest deterrent as the back bone of our company. We have turned this  into a bespoke tailored service to suit any situation.


The Impact Of Avian Pest 

Sunset gulls
Statue bird mute

There are many reasons for pest control, these include but are not limited to:

  • Animals may become a danger to humans and other animals, this could be due to some animals protecting young or territory and its resources for example seagulls during nesting will divebomb perceived threats 

  • The spread of bacteria and diseases, feral pigeons can carry around 60 different pathogens such as Psittacosis, Histoplasmosis and E. coli and many more that can result in serious Illness and life threatening conditions 

  • Damage to private property e.g. infrastructure and gardens

  • Damage to stock items resulting in financial losses  

  • Crop damage and contamination e.g. pigeons will eat many different crops in large flocks all year round and the crow family are known to attack, injure or even kill livestock  

  • Environmental damage and conservation e.g. pest control can reduce predation and damage to nesting sites of endangered species, birds such as corvids will raid nests for eggs and young 

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What We Do Best


At the Falcons Quiver not only do we have knowledge and experience in pest control and deterrent methods. We are also trained in animal behaviour allowing us to understand the animal that works with us and also the target animal allowing a more effective service.

We take animal welfare very seriously treating the birds that work with us like family as one of our goals is to demonstrate that working with animals can benefit both them and us unlike in other practices.

We take into account targeted animals' welfare due to this we refuse to use poison and mainly focus on deterrents, these are normally more environmentally friendly and can be more effective in the long run. We do offer culling but this is species specific and often done as a last option to reduce the population size. Our preferred method is eco deterrent based bird control such as our falconry services, learn more about the techniques and services we offer and how we tailor them to you, click on the link below.

With everything said we are a young company aiming to offer a highly professional service and we hope to become a trusted name in the industry. Hire us for this service and learn how we cater to the needs of each client, ensuring the results you need and deserve.  

Pigeon on ledge

The Bird Species We Most Commonly Get Called Out For

Every species have there own traits and behaviours, this means we work differently depending on the species. To have the maximum effect by catering to their behaviours and instincts  each species have different criteria to meet under law that we must meet during our work. There are many different species birds within the UK each posing different problems they may have on your business or health. Below we have listed the three main birds we are called out too:  


Corvidae (Crow family)

This Group of birds consists of Crows, Jackdaws, Rooks and many more. We are normally called to deal with these birds due to crop damage and attacks on live stock. This family of birds are known for their intelligence making pest control a challenging  endeavour.



There are many types of gulls with the most common being the Herring gull and Black backed Gull both fairly large birds. Gulls can become habituated towards humans in their pursuit for food leading towards aggressive behaviours. The same can be said when guarding their young and nests where they may attack members of the public and defecate on them.



There are two types of pigeons within the UK. There is the feral pigeon which can cause issues with public health and safety via spreading  disease and damaging structures and then there is the wood pigeon which can damage crops. 

Both species are prolific breeders and require deterrent all year round. 


We are a company based within Herstmonceux we mainly operate within East Sussex but will take on work further afield but this may reflect on the price due to travel costs and possibly having to book out a day due to traveling times, but please contact  us for more information. If you are in an area we cannot reach we are always happy to recommend other companies we trust.
We can operate in many different environments within the countryside or an urban setting some examples can be seen below:

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