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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our business was created on the premise of offering a high end experience with a highly effective service, at the same time demonstrating and promoting how working animals should be treated with respect and have the highest animal welfare available, unlike what we sometimes see on the news far to often. We also want to show pest control can be conducted in a greener way that does not compromise the welfare of pest animals. For some reason when an animal is labelled as a pest, humans tend to think of them as an issue that needs resolving no longer seeing them as living creatures resulting in poor welfare. We aim to change that through our services.

Lastly we are passionate about conservation so our falconry activity side of the company coming soon aims to educate people about animals and how we can all do our part to help them. 

The Founder

Chris the founder

Christopher Sear 

Studied at the Royal Agricultural University 


  • Bachelor of Science With Honours in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare

  • Foundation Degree in Applied Animal Behaviour and Conservation

  • Certificate in Complete Bird Control 

  • Certificate in Management of Bird of Prey for Health

Chris has had a passion for animals since he was young, always surrounded by animals and studied animal care at college from the age of 16. Chris later went on to study animal behaviour, conservation and welfare at university. He has been working with birds from the age of 20 these include owls, hawks, falcons, parrots and pigeons and in later life utilized falconry for pest control.


Chris decided to set up his own business after finishing university with the goal to show working animals can have high levels of welfare and to show how important human animal interactions are.  As humans have evolved alongside animals working with them for companionship and work but also learning from them and inspiring conservation efforts.


To achieve his goals, he set up The Falcons Quiver a business that utilizes skills in falconry, understanding, and recognising bird behaviour by splitting the business into two parts. The pest deterrent side allows us to show how working animals can be looked after and the second side allows for event work, lessons, experiences and displays with our birds, allowing Chris to achieve his second goal of education. We are hoping for this side of the company to go live in mid 2024.

Meet The Team

Here at The Falcons Quiver we see our birds as staff and family members due to this we thought it only right to include them here:

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