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Our Services

Here at The Falcons Quiver we offer many different services that allows us to tailor our work to your needs for almost any situation. We offer basic services with multiple addons which can increase the effectiveness during our visits and when we are away at different pressure levels.

We operate under the general licence and will carry out any paper work necessary to complete the job we also always keep a written detailed log of the work carried out.

Falconry Aviant Deterrent  

This Service is our specialty allowing us to use our knowledge on bird behaviour to its fullest we use specially trained birds of prey as a natural and very eco way of deterring unwanted guests. This method uses the natural predator and prey instinct without physically harming the pest species. The goal is to allow our birds to claim the area as their territory making the area undesirable to unwanted bird species due to the risk of predation preventing nesting, feeding and roosting behaviours. 

More Details 

Falconry work is an effective method to deter gulls, corvid and pigeons depending on the environment, our smaller falcons can deter starlings, Falconry is very effective but will require multiple visits throughout the year. . The amount of visits varies from site to site due to factors such as the size of the area the pressure level and time of year but the general rules are that the more times the birds are at your site the better the results.

For gulls we recommend deterrent from February just before nesting season until July and for pigeons and crows we recommend a presence  throughout the year but the amount of hours needed would fluctuate based on the changes in pressure level and seasonal behaviour.  Starlings on the other hand do also require falconry deterrent presence throughout the year due to permanent resident populations growing.  Populations increase rapidly during autumn (September and October)  as the migration populations arrive. Starlings also breed in February until April potentially requiring extra hours during February and April.

Harris Hawk
Gull bin thief
The Flock
Harris Hawk in flight
Harris Hawk mid flight

Advantage over more conventional methods 

  • It is an eco and natural method

  • The birds are alive and move unlike the fake owls and kites many pest bird species are intelligent and will habituate to fake birds 

  • The birds can get to places that are hard to reach such as roof tops  and trees

  • The bird will work at most locations as the birds can be walked around, flown free or on a special lead

  • This is not a lethal method

  • Work at all pressure levels

  • Works alongside most other deterrent methods to increase their effectiveness 

  • Looks professional we happily chat to the general public and answer questions which can improve the public image 


we offer a few addons to our services for an extra fee as stated above. These addons can act as a deterrent when we are not on site and some also  allow us to work during unfavourable weather conditions when our birds of prey are unable to work. Some addons are proofing methods designed to stop access to certain areas such as ledges or on signage. All addons increase the effectiveness of the falconry. Our addons are found below, we are constantly adding new services.

  • Bio acoustics deterrent systems hand held or permanent 

  • Laser deterrent hand held but an automatic system can be installed 

  • Falcon kite. We use high quality kites and bases allowing for them to easily be moved, They can be purchased and installed or rented to be used on the days falconry not carried out.

  • Eco gel (A gel that mimics fire and has a mint like smell to deter birds from landing, supplied in small low profile dishes, gutter and window clips can also be supplied.  A similar product can be beaded directly on surfaces, such as trees. These products generally last 3 years).

  • Stainless still spikes (stops birds from accessing areas but requires cleaning to prevent a build up of dirt stopping them from working)

  • Daddi long legs (can be used to stop access to a wide area work well on small to medium open flat services)


Here at The Falcons Quiver our main focus is to provide an unparalleled falconry pest deterrent service all of these addons can be provided as its own service but please contact us for more information. 

Price Guide 

Here at The Falcons Quiver we know pest control and deterrent can be pricey so we offer multiple deals to help with the expense and our contracts help spread the cost over the time period set.

Our Pest control service is priced hourly but each visit must consist of a minimum of 2 hours as a single hour would not be effective. This is only a guide a quote is needed to find out the minimum hour required as each site is unique with different requirements and pressure levels.

Half Day Falconry (3Hr) at £205

Full Day Falconry (6Hr) at £400

6 Month Contract Save 10%  

12 Month Contract Save 15%

We charge a base rate of £70 per hour for our falconry service but we do offer multiple deals with great savings

Get An Extra

Hour Free

With Your

1st Visit

Flock of birds

Did you know we also do one off visits for events as large crowds and food waste attract unwanted guests 


Culling is a last result method to reduce the population of a pest species within an area to allow other deterrent and proofing methods to work effectively. To qualify for this service proof of other methods must be available as we work under the general licence.

Culling is a short term solution as the population will regrow over time due to other animals of the same species moving into the area or breeding.

More Details 

We make sure that safety is our main priority when handling any firearm. We also value discretion as culling is not always looked upon favourably by members of the public, we understand at The Falcons Quiver that it may be necessary for efficient pest control. Saying that we respect all animals and try and offer as many non lethal solutions as possible. When culling is required we make sure to use the best tools at our disposal and marksmanship training to prevent any unnecessary suffering.

Legality of shooting

As stated above we operate under the 2024 General Licences In England this allows us to shoot and use other methods of pest control if criteria is met which consist of 

  • Conservation (GL 40)

  • Public health or public safety (GL 41)

  • Prevent serious damage (GL 42)

Each species has a different criteria that must be met to legally shoot including past and future deterrent plans put in place.

Due to using firearms either in the countryside or urban environment  we like to alert the local authority to our activities to prevent any misunderstanding.

Air rifle


For culling to be effective we aim to reduce the population size to a manageable amount within the immediate area, to do so requires a skilled marksman and professional equipment, We prefer to use high quality air rifles due to how accurate and quiet they are allowing us to shoot a number of shots before the birds get spooked and having to wait for them to return saving you money and preventing as much stress to the birds as possible. The noise level of an air rifle also allows us to be very discreet.

Here at The Falcons Quiver we care about environment and strive to limit any negative environmental impacts our work may have. One simple change is not using lead pellets which can pollute water sources and poison animals. 

We shoot with a 177 pellet this allows us to be extremally precise and prevent any damage to most structures but still powerful enough to kill 

As previously mentioned culling is not a quick fix and other methods of pest control will need to be implemented after shooting which is the responsibility of the land owner/company to put in place either through us or a 3rd party.

We charge per session these are normally carried out during the morning or early evening during day light. A session normally lasts a couple of hours as a guideline and may require multiply sessions over different days depending on the location and population size. The amount of sessions needed will be included in our free quote


based on



Pigeons roosting

For more info on our services 

Book Your Free Quote Today

Our quotes include a survey of the site that looks at the pest's pressure level as the higher the level the harder it is to encourage the pest to move. We will look around the area for any reason for the pest to be attracted there, for example, food or shelter and we will provide advice on tackling these underlying issues which would improve the results of our services. Lastly we will provide risk assessments if needed and the overall price of the job       

Pest pressure

The pressure will determine how much pressure we need to apply to move the pest animal on, this looks at the population size and there behaviour, are they in the area for food, shelter or nesting ect.

Advice on other steps to reduce your pest problem  

There are many different ways to reduce a pest animals presence in your area from covering bins to using visual deterrents. Many of our services pair well together to provide better results. We don't offer but can offer recommendations that can be implemented  by the people within the area. This is just advice and is completely up to you on what information you take  

Risk assessment

If requested we will carry out a risk assessment for our clients we always do a bird risk assessment for our birds of prey on every new site visited as we are working to provide them with the best animal welfare possible we see them as members of our team

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